About me


Educated art teacher, visual artist and amateur photographer, born in 1976. Tonje is from Norway, based in Strømmen close to the capital Oslo with her familiy. She enjoys creating through meditation and exploring art and photography as tools for mindfulness and awareness.


«Art is a wound turned into light»

- Georges Braque

Art is my inspiration and therapy. Since my childhood I have been inspired by visual art, photography, music and dance, and my mother was a huge inspiration through her creative work. I have been drawing on and off, and for the last few years mandalas has been my passion. Through symmetrical patterns I find a meditative state where I can focus on my breathing, how the pen feels between my fingers and how the surface touches my hand. I let my self fall into the flow of drawing continuous patterns, and it allows me to be both creative and aware. I'm able to escape worries and stress for a while, and just be in the moment.


«Photography is the pause button of life»


I got my first camera when I was about 10 years old. My father inspired me and taught me everything he knew about composition and technical parts. I think I fell in love with photography from the beginning. It made me capture moments, freeze the time, and I guess it kind of gave me the feeling of control that I so desperately wanted even at that age. I love how a picture can tell a story without any words, and the feeling of keeping a moment, keeping and visualizing a memory. I really enjoy searching for great compositions and details, and when you look closer you might discover a whole new world. Minding the details can be awardable and photography can be a deeply mindful process.


Bachelor degree -Teacher training in Art and Design, Oslo and Akershus University College (2008-2012)

Bachelor program Teacher training, 1st year, Waldorf/Steiner education (2005)

Atelierista for children age 3-6 years (2012-2018)